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EVENT HIGHLIGHTS: LEF Executive Forum, Sept 13, Ready for an Uncertain Future? Play

The LEF 2013 Executive Forum, Ready for an Uncertain Future discussed the speed of change, outside-in mindsets and the need to revitalize enterprise skills.
Click on the clips in the playlist that appeal to you. Learn more at: http://lef.csc.com/videos/EuroForum_Sept13_Highlights

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Executive Forum, Sept12 - No Bit Part - IT's Impact on Grow Play

The LEF 2012 Executive Forum, No Bit Part: IT's Impact on Growth, Jobs and the Economy discussed how IT is affecting the growth and vitality of firms, industries and employees, as the technology driven economy of the 21st century begins to take shape. These clips feature the views of some of the presenters. Read more: http://www.lef.csc.com/events/698.
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