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L-1011 Widebody

Best of Shitty Duke 3D LP

781 views 3 years ago
I think this pretty much encompasses most of what you'll expect to find from my Let's Plays, witty commentary, pop culture and heavy metal references, and such.

So I started a Let's Play of Duke Nukem 3D a while ago. I left it sitting around for a while after finishing episode one, only to come back to it recently and notice it kind of sucked. So I pulled the most interesting bits of it and threw them into one giant clip video. Enjoy! Show less
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Let's Play Fallout (Completed) Play

Fallout, a Post-Nuclear Adventure, Interplay's stand-out RPG from 1997, launched a venerable gaming series with a relatively down-to-earth first installment. With a mix of thrilling combat, mind-challenging puzzles, and diverse characters all set against a dour, retro-futuristic post-apocalyptic world to explore, Fallout is sure to always have a spot on the list of greatest RPGs of all time. Even thirteen years later, it's still for sale on various websites.

When the nuclear holocaust of World War III rained down upon the world, your parents were lucky enough to make it to one of the vast hardened underground shelters, and the safety of Vault 13. Forty years later and the Vault is in trouble: the water purification chip has failed, and in one hundred fifty days, the Vault will run out of water. You have been selected to set out, alone, into the wasteland, to find a chip and save your people... but the outside world holds many surprises. Life in the Vault is about to change.

The first Fallout will always be my favorite, even with all its bugs and (relatively) short play-time. The story and setting is tighter than in future Fallouts, and the bleak, serious atmosphere emphasizes the weight of the mission on your shoulders.

I played this game in three 'sittings', divided here into 'Acts'. Each Act (arbitrarily delineated by me based on how long I could sit there playing the game and being entertaining) roughly corresponds to a distinct segment-arc of the game. So you'll see several videos all grouped together at once. I sped up the less interesting/repetitive parts with some fast-forward musical interludes. Otherwise everything you see is how it played out. There's some random graphics issues in it that I was unable to resolve but hopefully it's not too distracting.

Total runtime: 7:37:56

Let's Play Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Soviet Campaign (Completed) Play

The complete Soviet campaign.
Playing the campaign mode of this classic real time strategy game from Westwood and Electronic Arts, the 2000 sequel to the run-away hit Red Alert. This game takes place some years after the plot of Red Alert, this time featuring a new Soviet sneak attack on the United States instead of Europe.
Various single-shot Let's Plays!
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