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The Kompany | Episode 1

609 views 1 year ago
The KrazyKompany gets together to start a new webseries! What'll happen now?
Note: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is an anime that is a deconstruction (tragic version) of the magical girl genre
Also, a genderbent parody is a parody that switches the gender of every character. Show less
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Some Very Sad VGMs That Will Make You Cry Like a Baby Play

By Kirbyrai
These are very :( song that will make you :(
TRY THIS: There is one song on this playlist that isn't very sad. In fact, it's happy. Which song do you think I am referring to?
Hint: It's not any Earthbound/Mother music.

TRY ANOTHER: One song here isn't even from a video game. FIND IT.
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