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Knorr Beef Stock Pot with Marco Pierre White | Knorr TV Advert

527,863 views 1 year ago
Watch how Marco uses Knorr Beef Stock Pot to create a full-flavoured Bolognese.

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Quick and Easy Recipes Play

If you've got a busy day, these recipes mean you can still serve up a meal that looks impressive and tastes even better, in no time at all.

Chicken recipes Play

Everyone loves chicken. And however you like it, you'll find a chicken recipe you like here. Take a look at my chicken recipes, from a traditional roast chicken on a Sunday, a quick chicken pasta, spatchcock chicken on the barbecue in the summer, chicken and leek pie, a bit of a Jamaican flavour with chicken drumsticks with rice and peas, grilled chicken breast, and loads more. I'll even tell you how to carve the perfect chicken.

Cooking tips Play

It's not about following recipes to the letter, it's about giving you the confidence to experiment. It's as simple as that: good food doesn't have to be complicated. Within this section I will share with you my tips and little techniques. I'll help you save time in the kitchen, perfect the basics and teach you some of my trade secrets, such as how to use Knorr in your cooking, and how to make your cooking a success.

Fish and seafood recipes Play

Fish is one of my favourite foods, but for an island nation, we really don't cook enough fish in this country! From fish steaks on the barbecue in the summer to delicious fish pie, and from oily fish like mackerel to classic white fish like cod, you'll find some really delicious fish recipes here to suit any occasion.

Pasta recipes Play

My mother's Italian so as you can guess I love pasta. Pasta can be as simple or as complicated as you like, from quick midweek pasta dishes like my mother's special pasta or a fiery arrabbiata, to more indulgent pasta dishes like a lasagne or spaghetti with meat balls
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