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Cat Burke

  • One World Bank

    • 10 months ago
    Banker's plea for peace...
  • My husband, myself and our daughters Saskia and Kessa sat in the audience for this performance. After, my daughter Saskia turned to me teary eyed and said "mom, THAT'S IAN !" with such a look of love and admiration on her face, as the tears fell... The entire room was left in awe by the magnificence of his voice.

    I wish he had pursued music - to be given the gift of such talent was truly his purpose on this earth! We lost him in June, 2012.

    Ian Burke - The Scientist

    • 1 year ago
    2010 Murrieta Valley High School variety show...
    Featuring Orion Burch - guitar, Joseph Nygen - piano, and Ian Burke - vocals.
    Performing - The Scientist
  • There were moments of beauty in this life. I hope to take them with me as I die now! I love you Saskia - I'm sorry I ever brought you into this world, to be murdered so viciously! But momma's coming baby, momma's coming!

    Dust in the Wind - Kansas

    Video request..

    Spooky4137 asked me to do this video for a special occasion.. She chose the music, I chose the pictures, and this is the result.. I hope you all like it! =)

    "Dust in the Win...
  • If we are lucky in this life, we make a connection with someone - a connection that crosses all time and space barriers! I was lucky, to have made this connection, with my own daughter Saskia! We made this connection, on every level, for her entire life...

    Enigma - Return To Innocence

    For your passion and your love of horses.
    For your Angel. :)
  • This is our beloved child, Saskia. All that is left are pictures. May we one day, be able to look upon the face of our beautiful daughter, without seeing her mutilated body dead on the floor! Without seeing her cold, dead body on the table at the coroners, with all of the stab wounds inflicted by William Gary Simpson, as he so viciously and violently murdered Saskia with the 15 inch blade of his knife!

    Saskia Burke - memorial tribute video

    • 2 years ago
    Donal Pearce created this video for Saskia Burke
  • And so, where ever you may be, Saskia, your happiness is still the most important thing to me!

    My love for you is endless, timeless and so immense, that I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR YOU! Oh – and Saskia - you’re right, your family is weird! And so, this is for you, baby!

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