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Homeless in Kingston Ontario

Poverty and Homelessness Play

Poverty and homelessness need to be defined before they can be properly addressed. For example: Is it legal or illegal to be homeless?

I propose that it is neither and that, daily, issues are arbitrarilly settled based on this obvious ambiguity. There is no legal framework to deal with poverty and homelessness because we, as a society, have not defined the legal merit of defining of such issues. It is left to anyone to apply their own sense of morality and values when confronted with such issues. Because of this, some profit, some suffer, but all find a sense of validation. Who do you think you are?

Here I hope to have some lively conversations with you all on the legality of homelessness. As you can well understand, my current situation gives me quite a unique perspective on the matter. Perhaps you can enlighten us all with your thoughts on the legal status of homeless people, and their identity in society, when they become/are homeless.

Inspiration Play

Whatever you do... Don't give up.

Fight misplaced authority and ignorance.

Live your own life.

You are the greatest person I know.

You are marvelous.

Wake up! Play

There is an awakening happening right now. People are becoming aware of the illusion their life truly is. People are realizing they have been manipulated into believing that "everything's O.K." when in reality, their enslavement was being engineered by the deception of greedy, power-drunk old men.

Don't be nonchalent, verify everything. Come up with your own conclusions.
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