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KMP Raps 2: The Cereal Gang "Cereal Rap"

2,602 views 8 months ago
Franken Berry, Fred Flintstone, Lucky, Buzz and Toucan Sam are here to deliver some fresh, new rhymes about your favorite breakfast cereals. This is #2 of the KMP Raps series. Please subscribe, leave a comment and share this video with your best pals.

Bryson Jones Allman as Lucky (@BJAllman)
Matthew Clark as Buzz and Count Chocula (@KingManProds)
Ed Galvez as Fred Flintstone (@EdGalvez)
Jaq Galliano as Toucan Sam (on screen) (@JaqRyanGalliano)
Dion Lack as Franken Berry (@DionLack)
The Rev. Vijay Thesis as Toucan Sam (vocals)

created by Matthew Klosinski
lyrics written by Matthew Clark
Music produced by Inertia for MyPersonalProducer.com
vocals recorded and produced by The Rev. Vijay Thesis
costume design by Jennifer Varela
edited by Matthew Clark
produced by King Man Productions

Copyright 2013, King Man Productions
All Rights Reserved
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