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King Greqo

NBA 2K14 My Team: Diamond Challenge Impressions @NBA2K

2,171 views 2 months ago
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This video details my thoughts on the recent diamond challenge between Chris Smoove and Chris Manning (LD2K) earlier in the week. There were diamond Kobe's on the line and LD2K gave his best effort at preventing the community from getting any!

This video details my concerns for the future based on the playstyle of the man we all go to when we complain/discuss gameplay errors. His lack of realism and ethics in the game were alarming because he's held to a higher standard as the community manager. This was amplified by the fact that he was willing to pull out all of these tactics on such a huge stage. If 2K relies on the "cheesy" tactics to stay competitive, then what hope is there for these tactics to be removed in the future? Will we ever get that real basketball experience?

I like Chris Manning. He's a nice guy. I may come off as highly critical or even a bit agressive, but that's not my intention. I don't want people to judge him negatively or talk about his job security because of 1 disappointing night.
This is is simply about his play style. And that gameplay is just something I couldn't ignore because it highlights the problem with 2K and why things haven't/aren't being fixed.

Link to the livestream (LD2K's perspective): http://www.twitch.tv/2k/b/5...
Link to Smoove's perspective: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

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Beat1 made by: wwww.Danosongs.com - The Owl Named Orion
Beat2 made by: YouTube Audio Library

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