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Kimble Charting Solutions - Who we are - What we do

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Exerpts from Kimble Charting Solutions 1st Power of the Pattern Global Webinar.
This workshop describes the foundation of our work at Kimble Charting Solutions.

"My goal is to help people increase their account regardless of market direction by finding and capitalizing on chart patterns at extreme points of exhaustion with a high probability of reversing. I call this approach TBNM for Tops - Bottoms - No Middles.

In this video, I want to share with you ideas to help you for a lifetime
and provide investable ideas to help you in the short run."

A few topics covered in the video...

*How the power of the pattern helps you save time in making investment decisions

*How to reduce personal bias

*How to tell if a major market low is close

*How to recognize and capitalize on the four stages of a bull market

*How to spot and capitalize on the highest probability chart patterns

*How to take advantage of key exhaustion & key reversal points

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