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Castevet - Fathomed By Beggars And Victims

10,036 views 10 months ago
This is a new song from the "Obsian" album by Black metal/Avant-garde/Post-hardcor­e band Castevet based in New York City, NY.
© Profound Lore Records 2013

*Note: this is not the indie/punk band Castevet from Chicago, IL.*

This is my first upload in years! I wanted to promote this band as their previous album "Mounds of Ash" had a strong positive impact on me at a time when my interest towards metal was already declining. This seems to further expand the innovating sound I fell in love with and I am definitely looking forward to listening to the full work and eventually purchasing it. This strays from traditional forms of metal, but so do many of the other songs I posted in here.

I don't have any lyrics for it, just as I don't have any lyrics for any of their songs. The vocals are quite unintelligible, although that's exactly the point: as the record label's webpage states, it is "the vision of three of artistically fervent musicians who sonically portray a morally impaired and devastating scenario of inevitable ruin and downfall."


Further reading at: http://www.profoundlorereco... Show less
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Dismember - Complete Demos Play

Old school death metal from Sweden.


1. Deathevokation
2. Substantually Dead
3. Defective Decay


4. Deranged from Blood
5. Blasphemies of the Flesh
6. Self Dissection


7. Intro / Dismembered
8. Sickening Art
9. Defective Decay

Unlike your typical underground kvlt demos, this is historically relevant and the content is actually of high quality.

Cadaver - ...In Pains (1992) Play

Old school death metal from Norway.

Recorded at Rhythm Studios, Bidford, April/May 1992.
Produced by Kjetil Kællen Johansen.

Anders Odden - Guitar, Effects
Eilert Solstad - Bass / Doublebass
Ole Bjerkebakke - Vocals / Drums / Flute

1. Bypassed
2. Mr. Tumour's Misery
3. Into The Outside
4. Blurred Visions
5. Runaway Brain
6. Inner Persecution
7. In Distortion
8. The Misanthrope
9. Ins-Through-Mental
10. During The End

Dark Angel - Darkness Descends (1986) Play

Thrash metal from the United States of America.

Don Doty - Vocals
Eric Meyer - Guitars
Jim Durkin - Guitars
Rob Yahn - Bass
Gene Hoglan - Drums

1. Darkness Descends
2. The Burning Of Sodom
3. Hunger Of The Undead
4. Merciless Death
5. Death Is Certain (Life Is Not)
6. Black Prophecies
7. Perish In Flames
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