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Kikoskia's New and Unimproved Channel Announcement... Thingy

78,931 views 1 year ago
Come one and come all, watch me ramble for two minutes about my channel.

Then watch the rest of the videos, where I ramble about them instead. Show less
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Legend of Kyrandia Book One Play

A beautiful magical land is under threat. The crazy court jester has escaped and with it, stolen the source of the land's magical powers. Murdering as he goes, he is intent on destroying all the wizards and local populace hold dear.

The only one who is appointed to solve the problem is the magic-less, seemingly mundane Brandon. How can a normal man oppose a magic-laden lunatic? Is there any hope for Kyrandia?

Let's Play Overblood Play

A man wakes up all alone in a freezing cold room, kept there in suspended animation. With no memory of who he is, why here's there or what reason he was kept on ice, he must first find a way to stop himself freezing to death then search for his answers.

But many things will stand in his way. The most notable thing, sadly, will be his inability to clumsily punch things.
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