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Kenneth L. Doc Reefer Kirk

"New Fascist Corporate Class" by Dr. Reefer (Kenneth Leonard Kirk)

33,434 views 3 years ago
This is a music video I made with using footage from the Anti-George Bush rally in Edmonton, some May Day March footage, my song "New Fascist Corporate Class" by my old band "Dr.Reefer!" from our album "Love Songs From Drug Prison".
If this video somehow violates anyone's standards I'd love to know why. I had it posted for months and then suddenly it was taken down for supposedly violating Youtube's standards. I read their rules several times and was unable to see why. I'ts just shots of a peacfull protest and some fairly annonymous shots of people marching with a non-offensive protest song in the soundtrack. Isn't there free speech and freedom of communications in this country? Isn't providing me obstruction to excersize that free speech and freedom of communication criminal obstruction and possibly criminal intimidation (serious indictable offences)? How could anyone be offended by this video unless they are a fascist? Didn't we fight World War 2 against totalitarianism and fascism? No swearing, no bad words, no inappropriate images, so please tell me how this violates anyone with a brain's standards... Show less
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