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Kempton Lam

I've Found Home music video (Hong Kong version)

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This is a music video for singer-songwriter Kashy Keegan's "I've Found Home" filmed on location in HK before his Hong Kong Dreams Come True Concert (香港夢想成真演唱會) (Friday Feb 28th, 2014). Kashy is now based in HK to continue his music career there.
*** Director's Statement by Kempton Lam: As Kashy's manager (at the time) and concert producer for his Hong Kong Dreams Come True Concert (香港夢想成真演唱會), I planned to get the most out of our Feb 2014 Hong Kong trip given the high cost to get to HK (Kashy from London, I from Calgary). So despite having no music video budget, without "professional" equipment, without a professional crew to help, and lots of other work to do, I insisted we tried to film something to make a music video using the beautiful and dynamic HK as backdrop. I could imagine how cool the music video would look like! And honesty, I have to say the result looks reasonably nice and I am glad we spent the time to get the footage. Not bad as first music video right? :)

*** Equipment used:
Panasonic DMC-FZ200
Galaxy Nexus (to play the song over Bluetooth)
JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker
Adobe Premiere Pro CC

*** Credit & Thanks:
I've Found Home

© by Singer-Songwriter
Kashy Keegan (祈家恆)

Music Video Production Assistant
Eva Li

Editor / Director / Producer
Kempton Lam

video © 2014
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Update: Testing SIX (6) JBL Flip Speakers for their Bluetooth & sound.
I started with one Flip (#1) that has "comically terrible" Bluetooth, the replacement Flip (#2) was upgraded to "just terrible" Bluetooth. Testings will be soon be conducted on the latest two (#3 & #4) replacements sent to me by the Senior Director of Global Branding & Marketing of Harman.
Jan 22, 2013 update: The latest two (#5 & #6) JBL Flips were freshly made in China and express shipped to me from China to Calgary. See the test video for the test results with your eyes and ears.
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