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Otto Weininger / Off the Beaten Track Play

Discussing ideas from Otto Weininger's "Geschlect und Charakter", while literally trekking off the beaten track in the Tasmanian wilderness.
1. Quick rebuttal of C21st interpretations that Weininger is a misogynist and anti-Semite / Mt Dundas footpad.
2. Key ideas in the Preface / abandoned tramway near Dundas
3. Overview Part 1: Sexual Diversity and Part 2: Sexual Types / Montezuma Falls.
4. Introduction / Melba Flats track to Montezuma
5. Chapter 1: "Men" and "Women" / Renison Bell
6. Chapter 2: Arrhenoplasm and Thelyplasm / Fisher Lake
7. Chapter 3: Laws of Sexual Attraction / Mt Heemskirk
8. Chapter 4: Homosexuality and Pederasty / Donnellys Lookout
9. Chapter 5: Characterology and Morphology / Mt Agnew
10. Chapter 6: Emancipated Women / Trial Harbour
11. Summary of Part 1 / Comstock Mine tracks
12. Part 2 Overview / Zeehan Silver Spray Tunnel tramway routes
13. Chapter 1: Man and Woman / Mt Zeehan
14. Chapter 2: Male and Female Sexuality / Badger River railway
15. Chapter 3: Male and Female Consciousness / Queensberry Mine
16. Chapter 4: Endowment and Genius / Henty Dunes
17. Chapter 5: Endowment and Memory / Lettes Bay along railway line
18. Chapter 6: Memory, Logic, Ethics / Queenstown rainforests treks
19. Chapter 7: Logic, Ethics, and the Self / Mt Jukes
20. Chapter 8: The Problem of the Self and Genius / Lake Burbury treks
21. Chapter 9: Male and Female Psychology / Lake Margaret (if possible)
22. Chapter 10: Motherhood and Prostitution / Mt Murchison
23. Chapter 11: Eroticism and Aesthetics / Mt Read
24. Chapter 12: The Nature of Woman and Her Purpose in the Universe / Mt Farrell
25. Chapter 13: Judaism / Lake Rosebery
26. Chapter 14: Woman and Humanity / Tyndall Range
27. Overview and conclusions / Corinna

Causality (mirror) by Paul Butterfield Play

Why aren't there more essays like this, on the nature of causality? Causality is the most powerful and important concept in forming a philosophical, metaphysical or spiritual worldview. Yet hardly anyone talks about it.

Paul starts with a full, logical definition of causation. On that solid basis, he then explores popular misconceptions about cause and effect found in science, philosophy, religion, and everyday life.

What I like most about this essay is that it's not just theoretical. Not celebrating his birthday, for example, practically demonstrated thought about causality and self. An interesting series!

To a Wild Young Genius Play

On the common, startlingly insane issues preventing people travelling down the path to wisdom. Topics like: sex, religion, women, religious atheism, academia, scientific materialism, work, music, drugs, art, politics, fantasy, and family.

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