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Kaptaan Pakistan

Zaid Hamid Memoirs - Discussions - Pakistan Elections 2013

4,799 views 1 year ago
Syed Zaid Hamid Discussions and Pakistani National Pass Time - Slapping Competition.

Pakistan Election 2013 Imran Khan - Pervez Musharraf - Zaid Hamid Brass track about the mission Power Point Reviews - Future of Nuclear Powered Pakistan. Syed Zaid Hamid's Memoirs. NAWAZ SHARIFF WILL ULTIMATELY WIN, NAWAZ SHARIFF ZINDABAD

Zaid's Abbu (Dad) opened dance studio for taliban to teach chicken dance.

Zaid Hamid has requested Pakistan government to add slap contest in Olympic Games.
Zaid and family practice slapping each-other all day.

Pakistan Railways adding motorcycle wash stations in every village.
Youth holding donuts ring competition driving Maruti vans - pick-up trucks.
Ride bike standing up while shooting. New dance style by famous Molvies
And the famous Zaid chicken dance Slap contest

Pakistani molvi's interview and now I'm not surprised at the anti-mullah sentiments among educated (anyone who has some brains left) Pakistani people. I know our corrupt politicians have a big hand in bringing the country down but these molvis are worse as they use Islam to support their evil agendas, all they want is power through controlling masses by keeping them ignorant about the Book, very similar to what the Christians used to do. Kaptaan Pakistan Super Heroes
So who do you think is a bigger threat to our country, politicians or molvis?
How is it possible to tackle such molvis? Show less
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