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Kantech Access

Tyco Security Products - Protecting Fenway Park and Red Sox fans

978 views 8 months ago
In 2012 Fenway Park, America's oldest and most beloved ballpark celebrated her 100th birthday with a complete renovation, including state of the art security upgrades with American Dynamics and Kantech from Tyco Security Products.
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EntraPass Web Training Series Play

Watch and embed this playlist to learn more about how to use the features of EntraPass Web.
EntraPass Web is a web delivered application that allows administrators to easily perform a host of functions including telephone entry, card management, door control, live video, maps, alarm management and much more. It brings simplicity to security professionals wherever they are, and allows them greater accessibility to handle those important, day-to-day access-related tasks. EntraPass Web features a user-centered design that makes it simple to understand and navigate and enhances the effectiveness of the security system, allowing users to better protect those assets that are most important to them. Equally important is the scalability of EntraPass Web, which can grow as the systems it supports are upgraded or expanded.

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Product videos about Kantech's managed access control solution - hattrix.
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