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Minesweeper Expert 31.133 seconds World Record (Saper Rekord)

275,037 views 3 years ago
My (Kamil Murański) current world record :)
Minesweeper Clone is cheat-free minesweeper version that has many features, for example it records time to thousandths of a second, it can save videos and it has very good statistics.
3BV is the minimum number of left clicks required to clear a board.
3BV/s = 3BV/time
Feel free to write comments, but u can't insult me, ask stupid questions (for example "what is 3BV?") or call this video a cheat/fake/hack (it was played without cheating). If you break these rules, your comment will be considered as spam and deleted.
You can visit Damien Moore's Minesweeper World Ranking, download Minesweeper Clone, read Minesweeper Wiki on www.minesweeper.info Show less
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