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Instrumental Electronic Background Music - 35 Minutes of Emotional, Cinematic and Chill Music

290 views 2 weeks ago
Read Below for Album description.

Track List -

00:00 - Ambient Experience (Ambient Chill)
03:30 - Modern Technology (Electronica)
05:48 - Midnight in the Club (Dance EDM)
10:06 - Creating Energy (Epic Cinematic
12:58 - Happy Summer Days (Summer Folk)
16:00 - Epic World Dubstep (Arabic Dubstep)
18:52 - Summer Island Reggae (Reggaeton Funk)
22:18 - Traveling to You (Romantic)
24:54 - Indian Fantasy (Indian Music Video Game Loop)
26:44 - Driving in the Desert (Electro Blues Rock)
28:46 - In Your Mind (Experimental Electronica)
31:06 - Asian Adventure (Asian Dubstep)
33:06 - Night in the City (Chill Hip Hop Tech)

Hello. This album is a collection of soundtracks from all different types of Cinematic/TV genres that i sell as Royalty Free Stock Music on AudioJungle. I am now allowed to sell them for personal listening music to people who like it but are not going to use it commercially. All the tracks in the preview above are full but are also watermarked with the Audiojungle logo as to prevent theft but in the album purchase there is no watermark.

Check it out here - http://kabbalisticvillage1....

This album crosses over many genres..It has Chill Out Ambient Experimental tunes, Epic Cinematic Battle Music, Funky Experimental songs, Hip Hop, Blues, Summer Folk and Upbeat Happy Music. Its nice music to just sit back and relax to, music to run with or to study with as well.

They are all available for commercial use as well - http://audiojungle.net/user...

All tracks written and produced by Kabbalistic Village - Menachem Engel

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