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10 Reasons Why I'm So Freaking Awesome!!!

25,680 views 2 years ago
I was recently challenged to prove my awesomeness, and to show how much more awesome I am than anybody else in this world. I didn't wanna make a massively long video, because that is just not awesome, but here are a few of the MANY things that make me awesome.

My main channel, where magic happens...sometimes:

Every step, is a status update. Not really, but to some degree, yes:

A picture is worth a million words, or somethig like that:

For wise stuff, weird stuff, funny stuff, or plain stupidity...click:

Every entertainer needs fans...because it gets hot sometimes:

Ahmm...if you want to, add me as a friend. I'll let you in My Space:
http://myspace.com/kkortez/ Show less
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Understanding The Word Play

A new series dedicated to those who want to learn more about Christianity, what it is exactly that I believe, for whatever reason. Maybe you're just curious, maybe you're having doubts, maybe you're confused, or maybe you just want to know more about God and strengthen your faith.

I hope that these videos satisfy those needs, because they're all done out of love, and for the glory of God.

Movie Club - LTA/Club Cartel Play

Reviews for various movies chosen by Philip DeFranco/the LTA team. A lot of these videos have been featured on the LikeTotallyAwesome, SourceFed, and sxephil channel.

I was first named LTA Cartel, but after the LTA era ended, I was renamed to Club Cartel.

AskK Play

A series where I take questions YOU asked through Facebook, Twitter, or through my Youtube moderator.

You can ask me anything, the whole point of this is for you to know me better, and for me to show my complete self to everyone. My goal is to stop limiting myself in front of people who don't know how I truly am. I just wanna be myself, and this is my way of preparing people, 'cause I'm just THAT crazy.
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