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Naruto Storm Revolution - All Single Ougis

44,616 views 2 weeks ago
Exclusive by KG971!!!! This is my 2 000 Subscribers gift !!
I succeded to hack the single ultimate justu of all characters in the demo ! IN STORM REVOLUTION !

Sasuke Ultimate Jutsu (ougi)
Naruto Ultimate Jutsu (ougi)
Kakashi Ultimate Jutsu (ougi)

Credits: KG971

Do not re-upload this video. If you really want to share the news on your channel, then please link people to the video this way: Put ONE screenshot and put the link of my video in the vidéo.

☞ ▪ Traduction Française
Exclusivité !!! Ces mon cadeau pour les 2 000 abonnés !
J'ai reussi a hacker les ougis solo de tous les persos de la démo ! DANS Storm Revolution !

Ne re-uploader cette vidéo. Si vous voulez vraiment partager cette news sur votre chaine, alors mettez juste UNE image fixe de ma vidéo et le lien vers ma vidéo dans la vidéo.

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✩ Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Series ✩ Online Fight section & More ! Play

This is not the section for naruto mod tools (editors or trainers) This another section reserved for: Videos of my online games on the Naruto ultimate Ninja Storms Game Series on Xbox360, PS3 & PC ! Subscribe and Add me !
Gamertag: KG 971 ✩ PSN: Kami_No_Chikara_ ✩ Steam: Kami_No_Chikara
My latest work ! complete, functional, and sexy, get the editors and services NOW !
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    + Freeze CtOS Scan

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✩ Naruto Storm Series ✩ MOD TOOLS - Naruto Storm 3, Naruto Storm 3 Full Burst Play

All mod tools related to the Naruto Storm series !
- Xbox 360 & PS3 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst Save Editor
- Naruto Storm 3 Full Burst PC Trainer
All games I can mod for you that I didn't make an editor for.
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