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Julia Alexandra

Colors of Fall (original song by Julia Alexandra)

196 views 6 months ago
Happy New Year! I haven't uploaded anything new in a looong time, but I'm back ;) I decided to stop my "one original song /week" project (hey, I lasted 8 months, can you believe it?) to focus on some other things. This is one of the videos I recorded last month but didn't upload, I hope you'll enjoy it :)


Colors Of Fall - Julia Alexandra 2013 ©

Shades of green
Like a window to your soul
You can never really disguise your thoughts
With your game of words
Living behind high walls

With this ink in your veins
And this gold on your neck
You need no crystal ball

Shades of darkness
You'd never guess
And it's the whirl of life
And hearts to blame
In your frozen kingdom

Sometimes more is less
And with minds not so sane
You'll glance with regrets at the colors of fall

With this blood under your pen
And this stone in your chest
You'll need more not to fall
It's a games of chess
And with mouths dishonest
You'll glance with regrets at the colors of fall Show less
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