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The Face of Ramesses II the Great (Artistic Reconstruction)

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Project requested by: Elfalara, ArsinoeofEgypt, NefertariMerenmut, & Blackswordsman20

Ramesses II (born 1303 B.C. - died July or August 1213 B.C.), son of Seti I & popularly known as "Ramesses the Great" was the third pharaoh of the 19th dynasty of ancient Egypt. The most powerful pharaoh of his time, he was referred as the "great ancestor" by later Egyptians. His reign lasted just over 66 years, and is thought to have finally died in his early nineties.

ARTIST NOTES: This is a two-parter, mainly to stave off complaints about timeline accuracy. I've already stated that I prefer to do reconstructions of people in their prime, as more of their features are intact than in later life. So it is with Ramesses, here, I built a face of a pharaoh in his prime before moving time forward closer to the face that would have been seen in his much older years.

**Inevitably, the subject of Ramesses' "red" hair has been thrown into the ring. What seems to cause the most sound and fury on this subject is what image pops into most people's heads when they hear "red hair". To many, that also suggests pale skin, like a redhead from Scotland or Ireland. "Red" hair exists in Asia as well as in the Aborigine tribes of Australia, as well as in other cultures spanning the globe for which red hair is not a prerequisite feature for pale skin.

So, to claim that Ramesses was "fair skinned" or even white based on the preponderance of his red hair is faulty logic. For the record, "Mediterranean" skin is not "fair" unless it is in comparison to Negroid skin. Otherwise, it is a mid-range tone as in peoples from Burma, Saudi Arabia, India, Cuba, and Mexico---countries which, Egypt included, sit right on the line of the Tropic of Cancer north of the Equator. Show less
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