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Jonny Frost!

Titian Fall - Beta Gameplay!!!

825 views 4 months ago

This game is so addicting... in the beginning I wasn't really sure, but I can just tell you, it's a nice fun game to have in your collection.
Simple, but with many surprises, it reminds me of CoD4.

Sure there still is that noob aimbot gun that should be removed, and each weapon as lile no recoil at all, but that's not the matter of this game, it's just meant to have fun with!

As pc requirement goes...
With an i7 3770k and a gtx670 can be played at 1080p with everything maxed out but texture (kept at high) and 4x mssa with a steady 60fps.
Using "insane" texture doesn't really change much, since texture on pc seems somehow bugged for now, but cause minor stutter rather than fps loss.

Even if you won't get it day 1, I still recommend to grab it when on low price.
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