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HL2DM- Zombie Mod Server Gameplay

1,190 views 3 years ago
This is a HL2DM server created by the Blacksunstudios team(http://www.blacksunstudios....). The game pits humans against zombies, and are played in rounds. Each round starts with 35 seconds until a zombie is chosen, by then, players must gather weapons scattered across the map, as well as finding a location to defend themselves from the in-coming zombie hordes onslaught. One hit from a zombie will infect a human, making them join the ranks of the undead. The round ends when all humans have been turned into zombies or until the timer goes down to zero therefore starting a new round.

IP address:

The song is titled "Path of Borealis"

I do not own any rights to the above game, server, song and other types of software in the above video, all rights belong to their respective owners.

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