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Captain Chemtrail's Call to Canadian Community (Justifiable Profanity) Sept. 1st, 2012

1,942 views 1 year ago
Toxic/Carcinogenic Advanced Bio Aerosol - Electromagnetic Warfare over Langley British Columbia 'Canada' September 1st, 2012.
The ground, grass, crops, our skin and pets are covered with sticky, slimy nano bio polymer goo.
You can see the toxic/carcinogenic metals in the aerosol precipitating from the toxic/carcinogenic chem'clouds' released by 'US'/Globalist military KC 135 & KC 110 Tankers in our 'sovereign' airspace.
We are under attack!
If we allow this to go on any further we'll be too sick to do anything about it. The medical system is being used to perpetrate genocide against us as is every government and regulatory body, military, law enforcement and alphabet agency.
Harden up to the Brutal Truth and FTNWO!!
When you have watched this video come back and watch these two to see the progression from "Quick Diffuse" to this mess:
1) http://youtu.be/w4MdFpAAHzE
2) http://youtu.be/kHRNmGQ7epw
*****You must have these links to watch videos, so if you want to share them with anyone they have to listen to me swearing about the inbred, pathological/genocidal bluebloods' diabolical WWIII, Global Domination & Population Reduction Agenda first. Show less
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