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John Sarbanes

Government By The People Act

821 views 5 months ago
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Super PACs and dark money groups have been pouring billions of dollars into campaigns in recent years, drowning out the voice of everyday Americans. This legislation will amplify the voice of grassroots donors and make sure that members of Congress lean towards the interests of their constituents and not to the interests of high donors and K Street. Show less
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Grassroots Play

My effort to build a grassroots donor network is modeled after the Fair Elections Now Act, a public financing bill that has been introduced in Congress. Under this proposal, a candidate who assembles a high volume of grassroots donations is rewarded with access to a matching fund.

Hellenism In Public Service Play

I ask you to join me in celebrating Hellenism in the Public Service, which is embodied in the many and diverse ways that Greek-Americans are giving back to the broader community
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