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Mike McKenzie

Ready, Set, Go on an Airplane with Amos the Chihuahua

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Ready Set Go on an Airplane with Amos the Service Chihuahua. We have called Amos a number of names ... but I think his forever name is going to be Mister Peabody! How cool is that?!

I have travelled with my dogs for years. Here's what you need to know.

If you can fly Alaska Airlines, do it. They have an awesome pet and service animal travel policy. http://www.alaskaair.com/co... Hit the link and check it out. Here's a checklist for traveling with your pet:

1. Call the airline to make the reservation. Tell them about your dog and reserve space for your dog. Pets may be charged an additional fee and/or may be required to travel in a crate in the cargo section of the plane. Service animals should not be charged an additional fee.
2. Be sure you have the crates and/or carriers you need. It was real handy to have a sling for the 7 lb Chihuahua. But it's also handy to have an industrial-strength collapsable luggage cart that can handle a crate designed for a 60 lb Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. Look for a crate or carrier to be "airline approved."
3. If your dog is ill tempered, whiny or barks, do not attempt to travel with your dog on an airplane.
4. Have your paperwork in order. Have copies of up-to-date pet vaccinations records. Be in compliance with local licensing regulations.
5. Beware breed restrictions and times when pets cannot travel due to hot or cold weather conditions.

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