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The Misanthrope

The Misanthrope - These Tunnels Are Alive [Ft. Paul Maconko] OFFICIAL VIDEO

671 views 3 weeks ago

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We, we mere Muscovites, we had no choice but to make this place our home
With, with lack of light, and echoed voices and chills that reach the bone
I wander through these pitch black tunnels, away from the comforts of exhibition
I can't help but think that these dreaded stories aren't superstition

Rational thought is abandoned like these stations
With every step I swear I hear an imitation

I can feel a consciousness that can't be fathomed
It is pressing down hard on me in this all-consuming darkness

We, we mere Muscovites, we had no choice
With, with lack of light and echoed voices
These tunnels are alive

Video by Rob Page
All music, lyrics and production by Jim Cook
Vocals by Paul Maconko Show less
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