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Advancing Israeli Youth At Risk Play

The Jewish Agency operates a range of programs that strive to advance and assist Israeli youth at risk. Our Youth Villages provide a supportive residence and educational curricula to children and youth who can no longer live with their families. Youth Futures, one of our flagship programs, matches "Trustees", or mentors, with children and youth at risk to offer specialized attention in the areas of education, personal growth and extracurricular discovery. Partnership with Cisco Systems, Net@ offers talented high school students technological training that yields vocational experience and even Cisco International certification.

Learn more by visiting: http://www.jewishagency.org/israel

Up Close & Personal: Meet the New Israelis Play

Considering aliyah and moving to Israel permanently? Here from people just like you why they decided to take the plunge and make aliyah.

For more information about making aliyah visit: http://www.aliyah.org

You can also call our information hotline. Click here for a complete list of numbers around the world: http://fon.gs/global-center
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