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Jester Jenkins

Trusted Doors... Play

Herein my thoughts enter N2 what was linked between suspicion and authority!

I hope 2 seize the motive & fulfill it.

As the knob turned, a push only seems necessary in order 2 bring complete access.

Now I'm standing in the home of opportunity; & at this point; houses R N my incentive.

Full pledge and undertaking; arrest the statue of deliberation.

Addressing the notion of a door; power & exclusivity is summarized at its entrance.

Who can show another mystery; while keeping the secrets yet attained?

Locking away all that was once accessed; assures a personal and private supplication.

R U willing 2 enter?

Eye Think...N2 Paradise Clarity Play

It is in 'Paradise Clarity' where I will manage 2 speak on understanding & clear coherence of what is spoken.

2 often R words misused & neglected because of how they R spoken through shady intention.

I'd like 2 seize those words bringing understanding that may somehow bring us 2 a point of identification! :)

Prince - All Things Purple! Rave Un2 The Power Fantastic! :) Play

Here U'll find satisfaction 4 all of your Prince Interests! Whether it B album covers, Spirituality, SEX (Anything dangerous, has 2 be good right?), Androgynous Fashion, Proteges, Bands, NEW POWER OR REVOLUTION. This is where it will GO DOWN! - Like The Wall Of Berlin! :)

If U wish 2 suggest topics INFORM me. I'll be sure 2 answer & your post can very well be the next video!
Come! U Should do that...!
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