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Curbside Prophet

Original Song (Collaborative)

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Wrote this song with my friend Brent, but I don't know his verse so here's mine. Show less
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Coventry High School: 'Footloose!' Play

The Coventry High School Drama Company presents, "Footloose!" on March
17th, 2012.

DIRECTOR: Joanne Donoher-Ives
CHOREOGRAPHER: Michelle Swanson
MUSICAL DIRECTORS: Ned Smith and Melissa Rood

Ren McCormack—Jesse Mercer*
Ethel McCormack—Alexa Jacobs*
Reverend Shaw Moore—Bram Kyer
Vi Moore—Hannah Larson
Ariel Moore—Kate Berger*
Lulu Warnikcer—Sarah Doran
Wes Warnicker--Michael Clausen
Coach Roger Dunbar—Danny Tyszka
Eleanor Dunbar—Zoe Blair
Rusty—Tasha Jucius
Urleen—Angela Barrette*
Wendy Jo—Jessica Voros
Chuck Cranston—Devin McDermott*
Lyle—Michael Clausen
Travis—Briana McDermott
Willard Hewitt—Tanner Wilson
Principal Harry Clark—Luke Herzog*
Bickle—Madi Butler
Garvin—Robert Lundquist
Betty-Amanda Cabral
"Mama"-Piper Stepule

Ensemble Members:
Jordan Butler, Amanda Cabral, Sarah Doran Yasmine Forte, Samantha
Varney, Rachel Rand, Evelyn Murray, Piper Stepule, Bethany Marion

Stage Manager-Glenden Merrell
Assistant Stage Manager-Drew Marquis
Light & Sound-Anthony Pappalardo*, Nathan Sattar, Austin Parsons
Techies-Brent LaVoie*, Ellis Jennings, Sam Fleming

Special thanks to Samantha Burke and Bill Ives for their many
contributions to the set and show!

*=denotes senior (this is their last show!)
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