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Mario Kart Wii HQ Season 4 Worldwide Online Race P183 With frenzy & Emily & Fusion & MKPFTW

2,202 views 10 months ago
DK Time with his brotha Diddey (frenzy) XD And then Emily joins =p

And also with supa Captain, MKPFTW and Fusion (・∀・)

Race 1: 0:00
Race 2: 2:05
Race 3: 4:48
Race 4: 6:18 (That epic dodge 7:55)
Race 5: 9:33
Race 6: 12:39 (12:14 Awesome Captain XD)
Race 7: 15:50
Race 8: 17:45 Another awesome Rainbow Race with Captain (・∀・) Show less
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Resident Evil 4 Wii Version Story HD Play

In Wii version, aiming is much easier than PS2/GC version. This is done in Professional Difficulty, and also this is not a run. I'm playing this for fun and it was requested.

Current Videos: 67/67 (Complete)

Too see Real HD on PS3 look at this:

Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D Play

All Missions including EX Missions plus the Revelations Demo and some weird glitches from the game. The Missions from 1-1 to 5-5 are merely training and I didn't take them seriously. EX are the one I took seriously and got 150combos on each. Take note that this mercenaries is pretty different from RE4 and RE5 since the enemies health varies.

Silent Hill Homecoming HD Hard Mode Story Play

サイレントヒル ホームカミング This is a Hard Mode Game, all guns ammo can hold less ammo than the Normal Mode. It's much better than the last one, and added some scenes that can't be seen when picking choices while talking to someone. A much better fighting and combos can be seen. Plus a footage Stupid MF video XD.
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