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Jeremy Larter

Just Passing Through - Episode 1 - Alberta Bound

138,035 views 8 months ago
WATCH EPISODE 2: http://youtu.be/vw4DeafyeII
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Episode 2 - Pogey and Pubes - http://youtu.be/vw4DeafyeII

Episode 3 - Charlottetown Town - http://youtu.be/frcmve8X1QU

Episode 4 - The Handy Clam - http://youtu.be/vSXpFtXYBKk

Episode 5 - We're All God's Creatures - http://youtu.be/daI6XPTDOJ4

Episode 6 - Turning Toronto - http://youtu.be/R6YGhVVD30A

Episode 7 - The Call - http://youtu.be/TzAqheqnweQ

NSFW. Coarse language and sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Shot almost entirely on Prince Edward Island during February 2013 with a cast and crew comprised mainly of Prince Edward Islanders(and a few come from awayers too). Exterior scenes shot in Toronto, April 2013.

Funded by The Independent Production Fund and Innovation PEI.

Created by Jeremy Larter, Geoff Read & Jason Larter

Main Cast

Tyler Seguin as Owen Stephens
Dennis Trainor as Terry Gallant
Robbie Moses as Parnell Gallant
Bridget Tobin as Alex
Sydney Dunitz as Vanessa

Guest Starring

Linda Wigmore as Parnell's Mom
Kinza Baker as Rhonda
Katie Uhlmann as Marla the Hooker
Gordon Cobb as Officer Dougie
Jenifer Boyce as Starr
Jeremy Larter as Fabian
Norma Jean MacLean as Marta
Chris Carson as Todd
Nathan MacPherson as Jacob
John MacDonald as Theodore
Stephen Newman as Trivia host
Maggie Wright as Hot Doga Instructor
Scott Gallant as Mike
Shannon Kemp as Alison

Directed & Edited by Jeremy Larter

Written by Jeremy Larter, Jason Larter, Geoff Read & Robbie Moses

Produced by Jeremy Larter, Geoff Read & Jason Larter

Associate Producers

Jenna MacMillan
Robbie Moses
Kent & Marilyn Larter
Donnie & Jean Read

Executive Producers - Michael Kennedy, Adam Perry

Story Editors - Shawn Roy, Adam Roy, Jason Arsenault, Taylor Clarke

1st Assistant Director/Production Manager - Jenna MacMillan

Script Supervisor/Hair/Make Up - Rebecca Ford

Director of Photography - Ray Lavers

Camera Operators - Ray Lavers, Adam Perry

Camera Assistants - Errol Richardson, Ryan Gallant, Kristen Hickey

Grip/Gaffer - Glen Compton

Sound Recordist - Dan Wagner

Sound Mixer/Designer - Adam Gallant

Assistant Editor/DMT - Graham Putnam

Production Designer - Laura Nhem

Costume Designer - Kelly Caseley

Graphic Designer - Phil MacIsacc

Production Assistant/Wardrobe Assistant - Jill Goodwin

Craft Services - Nick Graveline

Passin' Through theme recorded by Racoon Bandit

Written by Dick Blackslee

Stingers by Adam Gallant

Music by Racoon Bandit

'Strippers' by Bob Bradley
Audio Network

Sound Fx

Audio Network
Soundtrack Pro

Equipment Provided by

William F White Halifax
The Island Media Arts Co-op
Joe Sutherland Rentals
Sim Video
Square Deal Productions
CulinArt Ltd

Special Thanks

Moosehead Breweries
Raw Creative
Handen's Cafe
Daniel Brennan's Brickhouse
Globe World Flavours
City of Toronto
Inns at Great George

This series is a work of fiction. The characters, scenes and dialogue in this drama do not represent the actual personalities, actions or words of any real persons, living or dead. Show less
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