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Jeff Sullivan

NASA OCO-2 Satellite Launch - July 2, 2014 1080p HD

486 views 2 weeks ago
A shortened version of my time-lapse video from NASA's OCO-2 Satellite launch last week, produced at 4K resolution then rendered down to 1080p HD video. This is best viewed at 1080p HD resolution, full screen.

This video was shot on three cameras simultaneously:
- a Canon 5D Mark III shooting time-lapse images using a 70-200mm lens (15 second exposures)
- a Canon 5D Mark II on a star-tracking mount set to pan horizontally, using a 16-35mm lens at 20mm, shooting 4+ hours of time-lapse images (30 second exposures)
- a Canon 70D shooting live video using a 70 - 300mm lens.

I tried but failed to also get a usable image from a GoPro 3+ Black, since I failed to provide enough light and I was distracted setting up the GoPro on one iPhone while getting a NASA TV live broadcast going on another iPhone to provide a soundtrack for the live video. I will pull it off next time! Show less
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