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Jared Paul

Jared Paul - SIX IS NINE (Prod. by Tommy Fox)

3,345 views 1 year ago
"Six Is Nine," is the second single from Jared Paul's upcoming Occupational Hazards mixtape project. "Six Is Nine" remixes Jimi Hendrix's legendary counter-culture anthem, "If 6 Was 9," adding fiery new lyrics that speak directly to the rising tide of worker's rights, human rights, environmental justice, anti-war, and anti-capitalist movements sweeping the post Occupy, post Arab Spring world. Remix and additional production by Sacramento based producer, Tommy Fox. Jared will be releasing new tracks from Occupational Hazards throughout the year via Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and www.JaredPaul.org.

Video by www.TheCutCartel.com

"I don't care, if Hippy's
cut off their hair and I don't mind
when liberals talk shit then run and hide,
they can't co-opt a subterranean fire.
I'ma ride like 1965,
De-Colonize! Everywhere, every street
smash the banks n' play for keeps
film all police, raise up the heat.
Burn down the stage like Jimmy watchin'
then grab up the torch n' start marching
cause 6 is 9 and 9 is 6
world's upside-I'm-down-to get my kicks
up in the front teeth of this here beast while
there's still a fighting chance and clean air left to breathe.
This movement was not made for retreat
Occupy the 7th sign, break the seal,
2000 teens on pace to make the 60's
look like training wheels.

They can't stomp in my boots
ain't done my dirt, can't clock my dues.
A thousand nights straight DIY
countless train and greyhound rides.
I'm all in, whether five thousand or five
in the audience, I play it the same.
Sage taught respect for the game
I'm on the road, reppin' protests n' shows
an underground counter culture legend
sorta something like the ghost of young Tom Joad.
Grapes of wrath around my neck like a wreathe
a wraith, creepin' through the field with a scythe sweep.

I am everywhere: on the river,
through the valley, in the breeze.
Factory floor, ship yard, and field of wheat.
Cardboard box, loading dock,
down long country roads and each city street.
Anywhere people struggle to be free
for a place to sleep, room to breathe and food to eat.

Mr. CEO, fat stomach full while workers strive.
Mr state trooper, don't pull me over tonight
cause we got less to lose n' nothing left to pay
and if there's no way out
we'll burn down every wall to escape." Show less
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