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Wildstar Esper Solo - Skullcano (Normal) p1

141 views 2 days ago
Bosses keep evading. I added a short clip to the end to show what i mean. First boss evaded like 25 times. The second boss keeps evading all the time. When/if they fix it i can kill it no prob.

Probably all the instance bosses are soloable except the first boss in SotS due to its mechanics

Realm: Hazak Exile(EU)
Playing either Japski / JapskiEsper

No extra amp / skill points cos that shit is too expensive

Song: Super off road snes soundtrack Show less
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Low LVL Hunter Soloing Play

Hunter soloing low lvl instances when the bosses are same level or some levels above me!

I decided to level a new hunter and solo all the low lvl instances up to maybe lvl 70 HEROICS.

*Rule* Bosses have to be atleast same lvl or some lvl's above me!
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