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Joe Jeremiah


18,383 views 4 months ago
Made a little ditty and put it together with some of the sweet art that the peeps have been sending me. Thanks for helping me hit the half hunge guys! I've got loads of new ideas for the future so don't go anywhere!

Music by me!
Free download here: http://www.patreon.com/crea...

Art by
0:00 Henri Pink
0:04 Karelin Olfasdottir
0:08 Sebastian Piedrahita
0:14 Leo McCormick
0:18 Phil Giarrusso
0:23 Sebastian Piedrahita
0:27 Loïs Cromer
0:31 Noël Wierema
0:36 Sebastian Piedrahita
0:40 Tim Hencz
0:44 Me

If you feel like doing any fanart send it to my facebook page and I'll share it and put it in the folder!
https://www.facebook.com/Jo... Show less
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