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  • Petrouchka vs Pulcinella

    Festival Uneven 2013
    Theater aan het Spui, The Hague
    Choreography: Riccardo Sbrighi
    Composer: Leonie Roessler
  • It it 6:30 yet? Composition/arrangement: Jorge Variego

    Royal Conservatory Big Band conducted by John Ruocco
    14 March 2014
    Arnold Schoenberg Concert Hall, Royal Conservatory,
    The Hague,The Netherlands
  • Dun Enyale

    • 300 videos
  • 450D Time Lapse #2 (HD)

    Second time lapse sequence. This time an evening cloudscape starting from around 17:30 local time into full darkness.

    If the video plays choppy, try pulling the slider to the start and pressing pa...
  • Torus Knot

    A torus that ends where it started.
  • 3D Diffusion-Limited Aggregation

    Simulated using DLA-ND (http://markjstock.org/dla-nd/), rendered with Mantra PBR.
  • Simple Particle System

    Particles bounce around in a bounding box. What happens when 10% (avg) of collisions spawn new particles, who follow the same behavior?

    Music: Kindred - Gathering Dust
  • robertinventor

    • 668 videos
    I'm the inventor of Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Lissajous 3D and other software
  • Bryan n Rob

    • 48 videos
    Welcome to Bryan and Rob's yoga and workout videos! Bryan is a yoga teacher in Toronto and teaches a wide range of power and restorative yoga classes. www.facebook.com/BryanJonesYoga

    Rob is a group
  • ʃessie ʃ

    • 1 video
  • Leonie Roessler - Ragrise

    Composer: Leonie Roessler
    Commissioned in 2013 by Saxophone player Stefan de Wijs for his trio.
    Cello: Suzanne van Duren
    Piano: Aron Tringali
  • Tausend Dank! Ich bin fast mit meinem Master Studium fuer Komposition fertig, und Deine ??? Folgen begleiten mich bis spaet in die Nacht, wenn ich meine Stuecke in den Computer eingeben muss.... Das hat mir mein Leben in den letzten Monaten wirklich versuesst!

    051 Der Riskante Ritt

    Falls ihr das video nicht anschauen könnt weil es gesperrt ist nehmt doch einfach proxtube ist ne freeware wo euch des video entsperrt legal :D bei fragen oder problemen meldet euch einfach bei mir...
  • Je vis, je meurs

    Composition: Leonie Roessler
    Voice: Sophie Fetocacis
    Sax: Stefan de Wijs
    Violin: Milica Kovacevic
    Cello: Maya Friedman
    Percussion: Dominique Vleeshouwers

    Premiered at the Amsterdam Blue Note, ...
  • This is so nice Kourosh!

    Kourosh Matin - Neyestan Concert - Tehran

    Kourosh Matin - Neyestan Concert - Tehran
    کوروش متین سرپرست گروه نیستان در کنسرت
  • Great to see and hear you! It reminds me of suffering through atonal dictation and 12-tone row singing with you in Northridge! (Well, seeing you floss and cut your toenails doesn't, as you didn't do that in class, but you know what I mean...)

    Inbal Dor - HAVATSELET

    cleaning up. garbing a burger and going to practice. A day in the life.
    צילום בן הרצוג
  • Skyscrapers 2012 - The World's Tallest Buildings ᴴᴰ

    Fourth installment of my skyscraper video featuring the tallest buildings in the world, completed and currently under construction.

    Height criteria from CTBUH's first method.

    Three buildings were...
  • Hi Ray!

    Your video makes me miss Echo Park. Greetings from Amsterdam. I hope you are well.


    Ray Argyle 'You don't love me and you never will' Taco's Ariza's Music Video 1080P Taco Lakers win

    Taco trucks are embedding into the LA cultural scene. Local restaurants are furious that these trucks are stealing business from them. The state of California will vote on weather or not give licen...
  • Clean as Glass

    Music: Leonie Roessler
    Choreography: Sarah Woods
    Dancers: Sarah Woods, Martha Carrascosa, Leonie Roessler
    Cellist: Ian Rawson
  • Nature

    Taking my camera into nature, trying to capture some of the lively flora and fauna. Without a tele-lens i was out of luck filming anything larger than a bug, so this is mostly eager little creature...
  • Sulphur, Wax & Sugar

    Zwavel, Was & Suiker

    Carel Kuitenbrouwer (concept and lighting design)
    Anke Brouwer (soundscape)
    Martijn Padding (composer of the live piece Al-Le-Louis)
    ASKO|Schönberg, directed by Jurjen H...
  • This made me laugh! Cool! And what a great setting with the traffic going by in the background.

    Duo Attema/ Haring - Martijn Padding/ Schumann's last procession

    Schumann's last proceccion is composed by Martijn Padding and performed by Astrid Haring on harp and Brandt Attema on Trombone.

    This piece was specially composed for duo Attema/ Haring.
  • Really Cool Dude!

    Blender Fluid Dynamics (HD)

    Done in Blender 2.5-64bit SVN 277xx. Grid resolution: 370. Rendered using Blender Internal in FullHD goodness, my screen isn't even that big :D
  • Hey!

    That is a really beautiful video. It gives me hope to have a beautiful and peaceful birth away from hospitals and too much medical intervention. May I ask whether the birth of your first one was pleasant too? I gather that the first one is harder sometimes? Good Luck to your family! Leo

    olive's homebirth/waterbirth

    pregnancy and homebirth/water birth experience of our daughter olive. music by ben harper. birth should be an empowering experience - this is just one small snippet of what her birth was like for m...
  • Thank you for posting this! I needed some inspiration for a cello solo that I am writing!

    Thomas Landschoot

    Penderecki Capriccio Per Siegfried Palm
  • Congratulations to your performance! I am so glad you and your music are doing well. Leo

    Yu Oda - Doppelgänger (2009)

    • by Yu Oda
    • 4 years ago
    8x7 Asko|Schönberg
    Conductor: Bas Wiegers
    24 January 2010 @ Conservatorium van Amsterdam

    Composer: Yu Oda 小田侑
    Year: 2009

    Yu Oda: http://www.odayu21.com/
  • Awesome little Bro!

    Blender Physics Simulation

    My first properly working blender simulation done in 2.49.

    The sphere is moving a bit odd as i still have to get the hang of these motion parameters :)

    Rendered in Modo, whose render engine i'm m...
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