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Video developed by Ranzou Grafiti


Yo fk it man
All this bullshit
Man it's sickening
Shut ya mouth now
All I hear is that
We are dying like
All them species
Living danger
Yo wheres the rhyme now?
Get u stressed out
Man aint doin it
How u want it done
How u wanna feel
Like a bad boy
Stupid little kids
Think theyre man-like
Check ur standing
Check ur enemy
Get ur shit straight
Time is running out
Time is sure stop
People in their tracks
When they least think
Coz the beast know
How to make u move
Where to touch a nerve
Time for u think
Who the fk u serve
That subliminal
Made suggestion
Time to question
Why u living for
What u singing bout?
Coz I dont give a shit
Theyre telling fables
Sounding pedantry
Yo thats a fools trap
Make u dumb like
Catch u in the mind
Get u in a grasp
Crush ur physical
Kick ur fkin arse
Dead ur mental
Yo thats the truth now
Aint no one wanna hear
Too many wanna show
How they doin large
Weigh the body down
Carry heavy weight
Shiny metal thing
Cutting stones now
Yo wear ya garms right
All that shallow thought
Bring ya arms fight
No one seeing signs
No one looking there
Turn ya other cheek
And let the bliss flow
Let the kids know
And let ya angst out
But u aint facing it
Ur irresponsible
Yo who I talking to?
Jus who the fk are u?
This aint a abstract
This aint a metaphor
This aint a fairy tale
This aint a ego trip
They say that truth hurts
But u aint feelin it
Aint ready for the turn
Ur ready for the burn
I know its coming now
I feel it on my back
You wanna share the heat
Im licking flames out
Spitting fire hot
U see what I got
Were naked in the flesh
Aint hiding nothing now
U try to cover up
But still u looking foul
And still I'm smellin it
Bullshit is in the air
Its when I hear the sound
Of people getting down
Yo any minute now
Aint got a second more
We gotta figure out
Exactly what it is
And solve a mystery
Finish ya ministry
Look in the mirror see
What I be lookin at
Yo I aint lookin for
No kinda answer here
Im ready waiting on
The rest of u to know
So I can look around
And look into ya eyes
Wiv recognition in
Coz then ur listening

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