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Roland MV-8000 Cooling Fan Mod

657 views 1 year ago
*** The song played in the background is the Common ft Lily Allen "Drivin' Me Wild" instrumental produced by Kanye West. ***
PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!! I am not liable for you fking up your MV. 8-)
Play video in 480p FLV. For some reason the video text is unrecognizable in some frames when I uploaded to YouTube.

Just a note... Both the MV-8000 & MV-8800 do not have an overheating problem at all. I just wanted a quieter cooling fan. My old cooling fan on my MV-8000 was making too much noise so I decided to replace it with a Silenx Effizio 80mm silent fan that was quieter, extracted more air and had a blue LED.

Completing this task is easy but keep in mind about SAFETY! Unplug the power cord from the MV and make sure you are comfortable with cutting wires, soldering and working with live voltage.

The newer MV-8800 is almost the same as the older MV-8000 but I don't know if these instructions will be the same for cooling fan mod or not so... PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!

This process took me 25 minutes to complete the mod but since this was my first How-To video, it took me a week using Preview.app to alter pictures and iMovie '08 to make the video. Please give me constructive feedback/pointers to make better videos. Cheers! Show less
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