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Joshish India

Joshish: Are You Listening?

186 views 5 months ago

Joshish is a post-prog/experimental collaborative project based in Mumbai, having originated from Bhopal. Honorably, Joshish' journey and the initiation of the Central Indian rock scene went hand-in-hand. Seven years later, inspiring and fathering innumerable other acts all the way, the band is seen as unarguably the torch-bearer of the Central Indian rock scene, and with that, a crucial, rising element of the country's independent rock scene.

The band's live shows have created nothing short of mayhem across the country. To the stage, the band brings a lot of fresh vibe, through its thoroughly experimented sound, and tireless stage act- a complete audio-visual bliss. And yet, the band is best known for its only constant- its ideology,which is truly represented by its lyrics.

If you check with the places the band has recently played at, Joshish will be an experience you will never forget. Sit back. Hold tight. Show less
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Joshish TV will feature webisodes about our lives and what happens in and around it.
This playlist contains live performance videos from our major concerts across the country.
This playlist contains the lyric videos of all the songs from the album with their synopsis and translation in English.
  • Joshish-Betukay (Lyric video)

    Betukay is a debut single from the upcoming album of Joshish. The song revolves around the "Slavery gets shit done" motto and it's based on the untouched issues of honor killing, racism and casteis...
  • Joshish-Maujood (Lyric video)

    Maujood is the second single from the upcoming album of Joshish. This is the lyric video of the song with it's translation in English.

    Vocals, lyrics, composition, bass and production by Sameer Ra...

Promos and Teasers Play

This playlist contains the promos and teasers of the already released and upcoming songs and music videos.
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