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My Sample of Disney Songs I've Recorded!

119 views 3 weeks ago
Pretty self-explanatory, right? :) These are my recordings of unfinished disney songs I've sang this past year. A lot of these were not even meant to be uploaded-- Just songs that were stuck in my head that I wanted to sing.

These are very simple fandubs, meaning no added sfx, crazy knit-picky editing or anything like that, just some good ol' fun that I wanted to share.

If you actually like one of these and wanna see a full version or have a suggestion for a fandub idea, comment below! I'd absolutely love to hear from you! :)

*♡* Disclaimer: I DO NOT own the music, characters (etc) in this video. They belong to their legitimate company and creators and NOT ME! I only own my own voice! Show less
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Need samples of my voice? Well, here they are! In this playlist lives all my demos, voice samples and all my auditions for projects!
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