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Marble Blast Gold Speedrun (http://speeddemosarchive.com) Play

Released in 2003 for the PC, Marble Blast Gold is the expansion pack to Marble Blast (a Marble Madness on steroids). To beat levels, you either go to the finish or collect gems on your way if required. Although there is no multiplayer, there are thousands of user-created levels and a few mods which keep the game alive to this day. Although most levels are easy to moderate in difficulty, a select amount of them can infuriate just about anyone. Game glitches and tricks usually savage the levels and leave people jaw-dropped.

This playlist contains videos that were only on SDA, therefore the first WR Rampage is not featured here. Glitches and tricks are explained in the audio commentary on SDA (http://speeddemosarchive.com/MarbleBlastGold.html) and select the All Levels video. You will need a media player that can select audio tracks (in this case, tracks 2 and 3). I recommend VLC Player.

Marble Blast Platinum - World Record Rampage Play

Marble Blast Platinum gets shattered to the ground in this groundbreaking video. Tons of new paths, tricks, tweaks and what not combined with amazing skills provide for great entertainment. Be it a 2 second long level or one that takes over 7 minutes to beat, this rampage is a must watch, with just about every level popping your eyes out of their sockets.

About Marble Blast Platinum:

Marble Blast Platinum is a modification to Marble Blast Gold which was released in Christmas 2007. Made by a number of leading community members, it became an instant success, becoming the most known modification to the game with over 60,000 downloads to date. It takes community-created skills and gameplay and utilises them in levels which are much more difficult than Marble Blast Gold. These include levels featuring wall-hits, edge-hits, diagonal movement and other hard tricks. The beginner levels introduce the basics, before the difficulty starts going up. Additionally, players can aim to beat Platinum and Ultimate Times, which provide for an even greater challenge to those who are skilled enough. Every level contains an Easter Egg for the player to find.

Further patches to the game added online and leaderboards capability (no multiplayer) among more options, features, bugfixes and even new sounds and music. The latest version is 1.20 for Mac (does not support leaderboards) and 1.14 for Windows. Further versions (1.21+) are currently in progress for both Windows and Mac.

Hundreds of custom levels were since released, utilizing many of the games' features. This mod has also sparked a great interest in modding Marble Blast Gold but none have done so successfully (further seen by the lack of custom levels for these). However recent mods (PlatinumQuest, Marble Blast Fubar and Marble Blast Elite) are showing much greater capabilities than Marble Blast Platinum and are considered to be the next generation of Marble Blast mods. In this current generation, Marble Blast Platinum is undoubtedly the best and a must-have for every Marble Blast fan.

You can download the mod at http://philsempire.com

Marble Blast Advanced - World Record Rampage Play

Marble Blast Advanced is broken with some amazing gameplay. Unbelievable paths mixed with plenty of advanced tricks and amazing skills are sure to leave your mouth hanging open throughout. The lack of "learn the X" levels (as those never existed in the mod) means that you get 45 awesome levels to watch from the get-go. What are you waiting for? Go watch and enjoy!

About Marble Blast Advanced:

Marble Blast Advanced was inspired by the success of Marble Blast Platinum. It has been in the works for over two years, but sadly lack of contribution and time from its staff meant that it faded out with very few features inbuilt. It was eventually scheduled for release as-is in 2009, but again lack of time meant that only in September 2010 it released, becoming the second ever "full-mod" to be released to the public. Reception has been generally positive.

Marble Blast Advanced offers a variety of levels, from short and fun to long and challenging. Skills players often need to use are diagonal movement and spin control, so these are recommended to understand before tackling this mod. Likewise, lack of checkpoints means that players should be well experienced with Marble Blast.

Marble Blast Advanced had never received further support (except a hotfix within days of release), but works on both Windows and Mac. At this time of writing, only 6 custom levels were ever made for Marble Blast Advanced. Nonetheless, Marble Blast Advanced is still a recommended download for those who want a fresh new look for Marble Blast.

You can download the mod at http://marbleblast.com
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