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History of Finland Play

Videos (mostly documentaries) about Finnish history.

The Wooden Pauper's Bride (1944) Play

This Finnish melodramatic movie (Vaivaisukon morsian) from 1944 tells the story of Anna Ringars, a young woman who loses her fiancé and finds an original way to deal with her sorrow. Single parent in a conservative village, she becomes an unlikely religious leader and meets with a tragic end. An important role is also played by the wooden pauper, a traditional charity collection box in form of a wooden statue. Containing some elements of camp, madness and religous zeal. Cast: Ansa Ikonen, Tauno Palo, Eino Kaipainen. Directed by Toivo Särkkä. Based on a novel by Jarl Hemmer.

Aelita (1924) Play

Silent Sci-fi movie made in the Soviet Union. Based on texts by Tolstoj.
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