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WinningVids Winning Videos Amazing Events. World Record breaking, Guinness, Animals, Mysteries

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WinningVids shows some amazing events some of which are World's record breaking. Some are world famous, some are in the Guinness World Records, some are very rare.
Over 77,000,000 Views
They are reporter's videos and show a variety of subjects, such as animals, aircraft, UFOs, strange events.
Companies filming for the C BBC have used our material and others, such as Inside Edition, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic and the SyFy channel, have contacted us about use of or used our material.
Several of these animals are unique because they are some of the only known animals with the characteristics. This includes Fluffy, world's largest exhibited snake (2011 Guinness World Records book).

It also shows the world's largest Chimpanzee, Kermit, who is also now deceased. Kermit may belong to a newly discovered species of human-sized chimpanzees, sometimes called Bili chimpanzees

It shows the world's largest elephant, Fenykovi and some of the largest living elephants.

White Lion The total number of white lions is unknown but the most recent count, in 2004, showed that only 30 were alive.

Kanzi and his sister Panbanisha may be the world's most intelligent non-human animals.

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