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Insult To Injury - Dead Weight (Official Music Video)

27,701 views 1 year ago
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Cut you out; you've lost yourself in this lifestyle that you've chosen
Can you see now? How much work we've put in to this, this thing we call ours
You have had no part in this so now see from my eyes, now you see what it's like to see from my eyes
You are dead weight to me, dead weight to us
And now you're gone
You decided to be that way, I had no say in the choices you made
You lost all of my respect, and won't get it back
We will move on, leaving you behind
We will move on, and only get stronger

Dead weight

Your selfish ways judge the decisions you make and we cannot have it that way
I won't allow you to deceive me, we won't let you deceive us

Cut the dead weight
Remove the loose ends that bring you down

I gave it my all
I tried to make you see what went wrong but you just pushed me to the side

Dead weight

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