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The Death Song ♥ By InsanityMuncher

220 views 1 year ago

I truly hate you
I want to watch you die slowly
Sometimes you act like such a fag
I'm just going to stuff you in a bag

Hang you from a tree,
or fling you in to the sky
Being around you makes me wanna puke
Maybe I should bomb you with a damn nuke
Strangle you with your guts
And hit you with a gun
That's how much I hate you
But it will be so much fun!

I will dismantle you
And bury you alive
Deep in the desert
You will never survive
Let the birds eat your flesh
Drown you in a pool
Why do you think you are so cool?

You listen to Kesha
Lady Gaga
and JB
Why are you doing this shit to me?
Listen to the good stuff like
Nirvana, not Katy Perry. Hey, you should listen to me!

Tie you up tight
and torture you to death
Or maybe starve you
Then feed you meth
Force shards down your throat
And sew your mouth closed
Maybe then you'll shut the fuck up

You're a waste
of human anotomy
Just go die in the huge
Hole from which you spawned from
Stop with your SWAG and the YOLO
And Jersey Shore
Or I will do it for you
Once and for all
I don't care if this doesn't rhyme
I'm just putting this out there
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