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SPZRKT - "Share The World" (@SPZRKT)

148 views 4 days ago
JESUS Saves !



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Clear Sight Music - JESUS or Nothing Play

JESUS Saves !

Visit http://www.jesusornothing.com/ for more information on this compilation album.

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JESUS or Nothing tracklisting:

1. Jesus or Nothing (Excerpt)
2. King of the World ft. V.Rose, MikeREAL, Nico Wells, & KB
3. What You Mean ft. Flame & Fedel
4. The Immortals ft. MikeREAL
5. Quest ft. Flame & Nico Wells
6. Stay ft. Flame, Chris Cobbins, & Da' T.R.U.T.H.
7. Meaning (Excerpt)
8. Threw It All Away ft. V.Rose
9. God in Flesh ft. Flame & V. Rose
10. Houses & Cars ft. Flame & MikeREAL
11. Something Rather Than Nothing (Excerpt)
12. All Burns Down ft. V. Rose & Nico Wells
13. Wishing Wells ft. Nico Wells
14. Carry Me ft. MikeREAL & Json
15. The Anti-Nothing

Tedashii - Below Paradise @tedashii Play

JESUS Saves !!

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Track Listing:
1. Below Paradise
2. Perfect ft. Kam Parker
3. Dark Days, Darker Nights ft. Britt Nicole
4. Nothing I Can't Do ft. Trip Lee & Lecrae
5. Catch Me If You Can ft. Andy Mineo
6. Paradise ft. Tauren Wells of Royal Tailor
7. Fire Away ft. SPZRKT
8. Be With You ft. Lester "L2" Shaw
9. Back To You (Interlude)
10. Angels and Demons ft. Crowder
11. My God
12. Love Never Leaves ft. Natalie Lauren
13. Complicated ft. Christon Gray
14. Chase ft. Tim Halperin

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Extras: KJ-52 Sean C. Johnson Promise Christian Rap Cash Hollistah Imoneofthem22
New Brand New remix music hip hop rap 2014 banging banger hot music Lecrae 2013 2012 Trip Lee KB Derek Minor PRo Tedashii Andy Mineo Canon Bizzle Truth Music FLO God Over Money Bumps INF P-Dub P Dub Gemstones Deraj RMG LyriKist Contemporary Christian Building 429 Third Day Lacey Sturm Gospel Jared and Nick Fields Pentecostal Moses Tyson Jr. Jimmy Needham Jeremy Camp 2011 Andy Cherry B. Reith Dre Murray W.L.A.K. cristiano ver más vídeos 查看我的視頻 KB HGA Andy Mineo Remix EP Da' T.R.U.T.H., Below Paradise

Reconcile - Sacrifice @reconcileus Play

JESUS Saves !!

Purchase Sacrifice on iTunes or Amazon today !



1. Risen ft. Joe Solomon | Produced by Zone
2. #H H G H ft. Json & Corey Paul | Produced by Street Empire
3. South Central | Produced by DWTN & Big Juice
4. Forty8 ft. Corey Paul | Produced by Chance
5. Can't Take This From Me - John Givez, Dre Murray | Produced by Xavior Jordan
6. Leave You ft. J Paul | Produced by Scooter
7. Numb ft. Dwaina | Produced by DWTN & Big Juice
8. Put Dat On My Life ft. Bizzle | Produced by Extraordinary
9. Dearly Departed ft. Pyrexx | Produced by Scooter
10. Amen | Produced by Legion of Doom
11. Sacrifice (Die 4 It) ft. Canon | Produced by Mr. Inkredible
12. Inertia ft. Mike Dixon | Produced by Major
13. Make It Out - Reconcile ft. Alex Faith | Produced by Street Empire
14. Last Night | Produced by Justamelody
15. 4Life ft. Brian Angel | Produced by Cheesebeats
16. Outro| Produced by Zone

Da' T.R.U.T.H. - Heartbeat Play

JESUS Saves !

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Heartbeat Tracklisting:

1. Gray feat. J.R. - Produced by J.R
2. Press feat. Canon & Papa San - Produced by J.R
3. Loud and Clear feat. Capital King & Tedashii - Produced by J.R
4. I Made It - feat. Black Knight & TC - Produced by Black Knight
5. Promises - feat. Isaac Carree Produced by Carlin Muccular
6. Come Home feat. Z.G. Produced by Alex Medina
7. Waiting feat. Joseph Lindsay Produced by Joseph Lindsay
8. Welcome Home feat. James Fortune Produced by DJ Corbett
9. Standing O feat. TJ Pompeo Produced by S1 (Symbolyc One)
10. Mixed Bag Produced by Joseph Luv
11. Compare feat. Alexis Spight Produced by J.R.
12. Bully feat. J.R. Produced by Joseph Luv & J.R.
13. Change the World feat. Chris August Produced by Justin Ebach & Jordin Endow
14. Heartbeat feat. Lecrae & Lauren Lee Produced by J.R
15. Rising Sun feat. Z.G., TJ Pompeo & Prayz1 Produced by Alex Medina
16. Hope (Remix) feat. Braille, Derek Minor & Promise Produced by Alex Medina

Jared & Nick Fields - Power Play

JESUS Saves !

Jared & Nick Fields "Power" tracklisting:

1. Power
2. My God Will Move
3. Wonder What They're Doing In Heaven Today
4. Didn't I Walk On The Water
5. Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego
6. Didn't It Rain
7. He Knows My Name
8. Fix It Man
9. Let The Worshippers Aries
10. I Won't Complain
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