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Reqy - 5.2 Monk Rogue 2's Montage

21,503 views 1 year ago
Hope its enjoyable for you guys, ptr still doesn't have everything up, but its really really silly atm, monks are probably going to be really strong, still no storm earth and fire, and I'm really bad at knowing what to use the 60% dr trinket on, and what to really trinket (blind isnt fear, even though its on dr, so its like messing with my head)
Oh yea, were 20:0 or something, and I put some healer teams in so its not just double dps vs double dps, and I out gear just about every monk on ptr, so its not much of a fair matchup.

Toss a like and favorite if you enjoyed :)

Music from: youtube.com/monstercatmedia
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