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Igloo Sportsman Rotomolded Cooler vs Grizzly Bears! Certified Bear-Resistant!

3,691 views 9 months ago
The new Igloo Sportsman 55 quart roto-molded cooler is now certified bear-resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee! See the best value roto-molded cooler in the market take on a bunch of strong, hungry grizzly bears! These coolers are also MADE IN THE USA and available now at your local Sam's Club.

Igloo® has been making coolers in the USA since 1947. And true to form, all Igloo® Sportsman™ rotational molded coolers are MADE in the USA at the Igloo® Headquarters in Katy, Texas. That means you can trust the Sportsman cooler is a quality product made by the #1 cooler company in the world and that you're helping to keep more jobs in the USA.

Visit www.igloosportsman.com to learn more.

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